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Why Video?

It goes without saying that the digital age has changed the way we live. Most everyone has a computer, smartphone, or tablet. These technologies are used on a daily basis for work and recreation. As a result, there has been an increase of demand for video. Businesses, real estate agents, musicians, contractors, and more are using video to connect with others through their websites and social media. The reason... It's personal. It gives the viewer a sense of familiarity in having a face to connect to the business or musician. Compared to reading text, watching a video is simply more fun.


2017 Video Use Statistics

Video On Demand

Since technology has taken over, there have been many new ways to communicate and connect with others than there used to be. Today, video is all over the place. It is used for consumer reviews, marketing, communicating with customers, entertainment, etc. Most everyone has a social media account of some kind, and video is one of the most viewed items on those platforms. Consumers prefer to watch videos on things they are interested in or want to know more about rather than read text on the same subjects. This opens new outlets for businesses, musicians, etc. to connect with their ideal audience. No matter if it is to build a strong social media footprint or to improve marketing, it is undeniable that video is the right path to take.



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